Make an Impression

While making an IMPACT!

Happy clients

Thank you for making us feel beautiful in places that are not always as beautiful.

Alesia Ruthven

Always making calls more colorful and fun!

Maricke Kleynhans

I love my Kiki scrub tops. I always get compliments on the fun patterns. The colour at work also puts me in a good mood! #mentalhealthmatters.

Jordan Blaker


We have all been there - the call that takes just one hour longer than you can handle, the day at work that just demands more than your cup has left to pour.

We started Kiki & Co to motivate you and to make you feel pretty - as simple as that.


We support our local community and have created jobs for numerous people. We support these craftsmen and women as entrepreneurs. The money you pay for your scrubs and masks go directly to the hands of these people and our goal is to keep empowering them.

Kiki & Co - Gift Card

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Not sure which scrub to buy for a loved one? Unsure about their size? The answer to all of your problems is a super-duper GIFT CARD!

Just add it to your cart, add a scrub for yourself😉 and checkout!